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Whether you have an hour or just 5 minutes, utilize this time to give your brain a well-deserved break so you can jump back into the workday feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes next.


We all need breaks throughout the day, but just as importantly, we need to take good breaks to actually get any benefit out of it. It’s easy to get lost whilst mindlessly scrolling through social media, but consider mixing it up today with some of these suggestions to get more from your time out, and hopefully lift your mood while you’re at it.


Move it

Sitting at your desk all day is not ideal for your mind or your body, so get out of your seat and get moving! Go for a brisk walk around the block, using a free service like Komoot to plan your route so you know exactly how long your lap will take. Check out Alix on YouTube for a 3-minute Zumba dance session that is sure to boost your mood (and your energy!), or relax with a small yoga break from this YouTube playlist by Adriene that you can do from your desk!


Schedule your breaks

If you’re the type to lose track of time, or you’re task-oriented, try scheduling your breaks. This can be as simple as setting an alarm on your phone, blocking it out on your daily schedule, or using an interval app like TomatoTimer that reminds you to pause after working for 25 minutes at a time. Even just 2 minutes of closing your eyes at the top of the hour will give your mind a moment of stillness, allowing you to recenter your focus.


Guided meditation

Stressed, anxious, or in need of a breather? Check out The Honest Guys on YouTube for some awesome guided meditations that are perfect for even an absolute beginner with just 5 free minutes to spare. Apps like Calm and Headspace are both great options for a small membership subscription fee, or check out BreathLUV, a simple free app that gives you a moment of quiet mindfulness for focusing on your breathing.


Brain breaks

Just because you’re an adult with real grown up things to do doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun! Listen to your favorite podcast, get silly with a 5-min brain break video, or go make yourself some popcorn and practice catching the buttery pieces in your mouth.


Go green

Feeling stir crazy? Get outside, and better yet, get into nature! Go walk barefoot through the grass in your backyard, or go to a pond or park near the office for a midday picnic lunch. Even just stepping out the door and taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air will do wonders for clearing your mind. Leave your phone behind and commit to disconnecting from devices for the duration of your break to reap in all the benefits of being one with nature.


Get creative

The best way to get your creative juices flowing is to…well…get your creative juices flowing! Doodle on some scratch paper, spend a few minutes working on one of your hobbies, read, write, mess around on the guitar, shoot some hoops, or do anything else you love to do.



One of the best ways to perk up after a long task is to laugh! Check out a comedy sketch on Dry Bar Comedy or a skit by Saturday Night Live. If you insist on being on Instagram, do yourself a favor and follow @fjamie013, the guy who takes photoshop requests quite literally. Or, check out today’s trending memes for a few fast extra giggles.


Final Thoughts

Up for a challenge? For the next week, try swapping out just one of your daily social media breaks with something from this list (or come up with your own ideas) and see how it affects your mood and mindset by the end of the week. And then share your experience using any of those fancy social media buttons below. 😉