Paint EZ makes house painting, easy.

Paint EZ seeks to improve the house painting experience for both consumers and contractors through the marriage of technology and craft.

House Painting, Made EZ

“I learned the business from my father. He taught me how things used to be done while I watched the painting industry grow. After college, I returned to the trade and established EmeraldPro Painting in Utah.

I grew the EmeraldPro Painting brand to 11 franchises in 8 states in as many years. In that time, I identified gaps in the relationship between homeowners and painting contractors. I saw increasing demands on my time and theirs and realized we could both be better served through technology and from that, paint EZ was born.”

– JD Mason, CEO of Paint EZ

The Paint EZ Difference

Yes, Paint EZ is a painting company. But it is also a software solution designed to engage leads and build clientele. Homeowners will get real-time estimates for projects they want today, next week, or next month. Paint EZ will be there to give them the answers they want when they want them and put them in contact with you when they are ready.

Other services are in development to aid in visualization.

After the job, Paint EZ continues as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It will remind customers of key points in their paint’s life cycle. They can look forward to instructions on maintenance, touch-ups, and reminders on when it’s time to lay down a new coat.

Paint EZ is not just another painting company. It is the solution to a problem.

Innovative Technology

Paint EZ is here to help you acquire new customers and strengthen relationships with your existing customers. Our software helps clients mitigate acquisition costs by engaging leads with a free quoting tool. As clients, they can also communicate with managers and get project updates. After the job, they will continue to receive information, alerts, and promotions.

Our customers appreciate the effortless communication with manager to receive ongoing project updates, and every job is followed-up with relevant information, promotions, and reminders when it’s time to touch-up.

You and your team benefit from this patent-pending software not found anywhere else in the industry. You’ll have the tools you need at your fingertips to manage your franchise and start the conversation with warm leads. Our software also assists with project management, customer relations, and creates easy communication channels with your clients and team members.

The Paint EZ Brand

We are positioning ourselves to be recognized as the consumer’s go-to house painting brand. However, superior technology and service alone will not help us achieve this goal. Our branding itself must be innovative and engineered for an optimal customer experience. That is why countless hours were spent developing a strong logo and visual brand.

We knew we needed a logo that was bold, clearly communicated what we do, and stood out from other brands in the industry. We chose mint and navy as our primary and secondary colors because they are the least common brand colors in the industry and would help us stand out. These bold colors make vehicle wraps and all of our other marketing collateral unique and eye-catching.

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